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  • Comprehensive dispute insights
  • Intervene before PayPals risk-management does
  • Scale with confidence

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Average annual dispute volume avoided by merchants using DisputeSense, and counting

It's always the same.

You did spend weeks finding a winning offer. You scale, and for the next few weeks everything is fun and games, but then, suddenly, your PayPal account gets flooded with dozens or hundreds of disputes.

Every day you are checking nervously your inbox for emails from the PayPal risk team.

Then, it happened: “Your account has been limited”. They took cataclysmic measures. Your cashflow collapses. The party is over.

While you have to organize a new PayPal account and warm it up over weeks, some copycat steals your offer and you have to start over again.

Predictive analytics for dispute resolution success rates

Don't even risk it.

PayPal’s native dispute management does not provide insights of any kind. Scaling a new e-commerce offer is like a gamble, you never know how customers will react to the product. This is where DisputeSense comes in. The app provides all the metrics you need about your dispute activity to convert this gamble into a calculated, data-backed risk.

What DisputeSense will tell you:

  • Performance-based pricing, pay only on successful resolutionWhich products are prone to high dispute rates
  • Why are some products more disputed than others
  • Premium dispute resolutionHow much money you actually lose due to disputes
  • Guaranteed ResultsHow much money is frozen in disputes at any point in time
  • Fully automated, no manual intervention requiredHow much time passes between payment and dispute filing in average
Pure Success, Zero Hassle

Comprehensive insights in one dashboard

Say goodbye to convoluted spreadsheets and unreliable VA-reports

With DisputeSense you can not only monitor your account’s daily dispute activity but also:

  • comment

    Track your dispute-related net losses over time

  • report

    Find the lowest effective partial refund amount which prevents customers from escalating a case

  • chat-bot

    Monitor the outcomes of disputes

  • asset-allocation

    Find out which countries have the highest dispute rate and for what reason


Don't just take our word for it

14 March 2024
We are a e-commerce powerhouse testing and scaling dozens of offers / products at once in european markets. We have fallen victim to PayPals strict risk management on regular bases. Our PayPal dispute rate was a rollercoaster and we didn’t have the insights to make effective decisions to control it. Since we discovered DisputeSense, we can identify problems with products early on and fix them before PayPal „fixes“ our account.
Robert Fox

Vincent Verbeek


14 March 2024
DisputeSense allows us to make precise changes to our customer-satisfaction-processes and gives accurate feedback about their effectiveness. We were able to fix quality issues with products which we weren’t able to identify without the tool.
Jenny Wilson

Tom Hadike

Matrix Fulfillment Limited

14 March 2024
The solution allowed us to not only get out of PayPals „high-dispute-tier“ (which decreased our dispute fee by 50% and reinstated our seller protection), but also to decrease our dispute-induced losses by 90%. DisputeSense is for every serious dropshipper must-have.
Ronald Richards

Marik Androwitz

200OnMyWrist Limited

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  • All PayPal dispute insights you will ever need in one dashboard
  • No set-up fee, no additional volume-based charges
  • Industry-leading PayPal dispute analytics software
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Your security is our priority

DisputeSense prioritizes data security and is SOC 2 compliant. We only use order, customer, and payment data stored within our secure servers to generate dispute responses, ensuring its confidentiality.



Security is our priority. DisputeSense was built with encryption and security as foundational principles. Learn more about DisputeSense's Security Measures.



We're available 24/7 via email or live chat. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Explore our documentation or contact us for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

For now, DisputeSense only supports Shopify.

Yes. DisputeSense will sync disputes and transactions from the past 180 days. Depending on the number of transactions and especially on the number of disputes, this initial sync can take up to an hour.

DisputeSense utilizes the respective APIs to fetch dispute-/transaction data from PayPal and Shopify. Because our software can aggregate Shopify transactions by their PayPal account ID, we can show you the accurate dispute-rate per store.

No. You can connect as many assets as you wish. The price stays the same.

Yes. For each store, you will have a dedicated sub-dashboard.

To keep the layout clean and as easily understandable as possible, we opted to limit the number of PayPal accounts per organization to 1. However, if you have multiple PayPal accounts you need to monitor, you can create dedicated organizations for each of them.

If you are using multiple PayPal accounts for one store (rotating accounts), DisputeSense allows you to connect the same store to multiple organizations.

Yes. Within 24 hours you can determine if the solution fits your needs.

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